Important note: DPSCD student email addresses in grades K-8 are not able to receive notification messages, so a personal email (parent's email preferred) should be used when prompted to create an account.

Detroit Public Schools Community District offers a K-12 pathway for fine and performing arts education, which includes: dance, visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, theater, literary arts and multimedia production. Admission to our Middle School Arts Conservatory Program and Detroit School of Arts require an application and audition.

Middle School Arts Conservatory Program

Students grade K-8 at the following schools get exposure to a full range of fine and performing arts: Dance, Visual Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music and Theater. Any middle school students, including those attending these schools, can apply and audition for admission to a Middle School Arts Conservatory Program, which provides a direct pathway to a secondary education at Detroit School of Arts.

The Middle School Arts Conservatory Program is accepting applications for students going into grades 6-8 for Fall 2020 at the following schools:

  • Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts
  • Edward 'Duke' Ellington Conservatory of Music & Art at Beckham Academy
  • John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Academy
  • Spain Elementary-Middle School

Detroit School of Arts

For students who have experience in the fine and performing arts and want to take their skills to the next level for high school, Detroit School of Arts offers a rigorous 9-12 college prep education paired with instruction in the areas of Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Theater, Multimedia Production and Literary Arts. The Literary Arts program will be 9th grade only in 2020-21.
Applicants must have at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) and must participate in an audition or interview for admission consideration.

DSA and Middle School Arts Conservatory Audition Information

Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the specific materials which they will need to supply for their auditions. The following are overviews of what students can expect to provide or participate in during the audition process.

Dance: Auditions will require applicants to participate in a technique class, which may include modern, ballet, jazz, and/or tap.

Instrumental Music: Auditions will include a performance of technical studies, repertoire and sight reading.

Visual Arts: Auditions will include an art portfolio of student’s work completed in or out of school (no cartoons, please). Student will complete an observation drawing lesson

Theatre/Drama: Auditions will require applicants to prepare and deliver a memorized two-minute monologue on any topic of their choice. (comedy, drama)

Vocal Music: Auditions for the Vocal Department will include the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” or “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”, and a song of the student’s choice (operatic, contemporary, classical or spiritual).

Literary Arts: (DSA, 9th Grade Only) Students applying for the Literary Arts major will bring a portfolio including samples of their original writing. These may include, among others, the following forms: poetry, short story scripts, playwriting, screenwriting, etc.

Multimedia Production: (DSA  and Brenda Scott Only) This Career and Technical Education (CTE) program focuses on all elements of technical production: Film, Video, Audio and Stage. Students applying for Multimedia Production will bring examples of technical or media projects they have filmed, built, designed, recorded, produced, and/or repaired. This may include, among other things, a short film/video made on a smartphone, a recording of an original piece of music, a piece of mechanical equipment that has been adapted or repaired, or a recording of an original radio show/podcast. No formal training is required.

Greetings, applicant!

Thank you for your interest in a Detroit Public Schools Community District examination high school. 

This application is for all students seeking admission to an examination high school in fall of 2020. You may apply for any or all of the following schools:

  • Cass Technical High School
  • Martin Luther King Jr., Senior High School
  • Renaissance High School
  • The School at Marygrove
  • Southeastern High School

Please review your application carefully before submitting. You may make as many changes as necessary prior to submitting your final application. The District will not accept or review duplicate submissions. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about application requirements, as well as updating or editing a previously submitted application.


Before you begin your application, please have the following documents prepared:

1 ) Admissions essay (750 words maximum) responding to the following questions:

  • Which Examination High School(s) do you want to attend and why do you want to attend?
  • What makes you an exceptional candidate for admission?
  •  Describe one or more qualities that make you stand out and provide examples to demonstrate those qualities to the admissions team.
  • How will admittance help you achieve your goals for the future?

2) Current DPSCD students: Have your student ID number handy. You can find this on your report card, or ask your school.

3) Non-DPSCD students: Please provide one of the following:

  • A transcript that clearly shows your Cumulative Grade Point Average.
  • Report cards from the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. If the report cards do not show your Cumulative Grade Point Average, one will be calculated for you using the report cards submitted. The calculation will be based on core academic subjects only.
Detroit Public Schools Community District