Detroit Public Schools Community District offers a variety of specialty programs that require an application and some minimal qualifications for admission. The programs include: Gifted and Talented, Foreign Language Immersion, Aviation, Science and Medicine, Media Arts, Fine and Performing Arts, African-Centered Education and Single-Gender Education. 

Please note that Bates and FLICS are no longer accepting applications.

You may apply for up to three schools using this application. Please submit only one application per child. 

This application is the beginning of a process that may require an interview, school tour, reference and/or audition. Additional enrollment forms will be required from students who are accepted.

Please be sure to review school requirements and programming here

This application is for admission to the schools and their grade configurations listed here.


  1. Contact information provided on page 1 of the application should be for the parent or guardian that can serve as the primary contact person for the student.
  2. Make sure you have regular and frequent access to the email used to create this account; all major communications will be sent to this email. In most cases it is best if this email is that of the parent or guardian. You can change the account email by clicking "Settings" from the user menu found in the top right of the browser, then clicking "Update Profile Info."
  3. DO NOT submit multiple applications for the same student. You may save and come back to your application submission at any time by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "Save Draft." You can access it and resume editing by clicking on "Submissions", "Saved Drafts" and then "Continue."
  4. If you would like to change, edit, or modify something on an application that has already been submitted prior to the application deadline, you can click into the application submission and then click "Edit" on the top right of the submission detail page. Again, DO NOT submit multiple applications, as we will remove all duplicate submissions beyond the first.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.